The JGSI Fellowship Testimonials

The JGSI Fellowship Testimonials

I am extremely grateful to have been a part of JGSI’s fellowship. I loved the intimate speaker series and the access we gained to such a diverse and accomplished set of entrepreneurs. Their stories reminded me how lucky I am to be part of such a strong community which supports each other and gives back. Their inspiring paths to success also helped me step back and pause during the hustle and bustle of everyday life… I started thinking about what I’m working towards in my business career rather than maintaining a short term, day-to-day perspective. Even more exciting was the impact I feel the program made on my Jewish identity. As an adult, I had not explored what being Jewish means to me and I’m happy the fellowship sparked a curiosity in me I had not felt since pre-Bat Mitzvah years. Rabbis Rosenberg and Sorani were amazing mentors who put together a brilliant program I hope many more students continue to enjoy!

-Nicole Schwartz, UCLA Anderson

The JGSI Fellowship program was an extremely valuable experience for me. Having moved from San Diego, I really enjoyed the opportunity to network with new friends in LA and develop a dialog with them regarding interesting topics of Judaism. Rabbi Sorani and Rosenberg secured some really great speakers to come share their professional and personal experiences with our group who were all extremely insightful and open to helping the students develop their careers as leaders in the Jewish community. I am extremely thankful for the opportunities the JGSI has provided for fellows and I intend on helping the program grow and develop. I would highly recommend this program to all Jewish graduate students interested in making new friends and developing a foundation of Jewish community in the Los Angeles area.

-Eric Kessler, Southwestern Law

As someone with a very incomplete Jewish upbringing, JGSI helped me, “fill in the gaps”. JGSI supplied biblical and Talmudic teachings to achieve this effect, and JGSI fellows with more traditional backgrounds were called upon to mentor us. Because all of us participants regardless of our Jewish education were full-time graduate students, we thus learned Judaism and also professional wisdom from each other. I am very glad I participated, and I wish I had more time in grad school to do it all again.

-David Penskar, UCLA Anderson

The JGSI Ethics and Leadership Fellowship has been an incredible opportunity to meet successful and influential business leaders, explore Jewish philosophy and values, and meet other smart, inspired, motivated young Jewish Professionals. I left each session with plenty of food in my belly and food for thought, with unique lessons both from the world of business and insights on how Torah and Tanach relate to the my current day-to-day life as a student and entrepreneur.

-David Rhein, UCLA Anderson

As graduate students we’re in class all week long, and adding yet another class at first seems ludicrous, but it was one of the best decisions I made this semester. This fellowship provided me with a unique opportunity to learn about Jewish ethics in a relaxed environment and to meet Jewish executives I never would have met otherwise. I always left each session with more to think about and an overall feeling of happiness after spending the evening with new friends. Thank you, JGSI, for this special and unforgettable opportunity.

-Arielle Spinner, UCLA Law

The JGSI Fellowship did something that my previous Jewish education was unable to achieve — connect Jewish teachings from the Talmud to adult life in a realistic, intellectually stimulating matter. The ability to get this renewed foundation in Judaism has been particularly satisfying for me, and I’ve already integrated many of the philosophies and teachings from our discussions into my daily life. Additionally, the set of speakers Rabbi Sorani has been able to bring in from the business and law worlds was extremely inspirational. To hear from Jewish leaders, learn how they got their start and grew both personally and professionally with a Jewish foundation is an opportunity that is impossible to find anywhere else. I highly recommend the fellowship to a Jewish graduate student who wants to be inspired, connect with Jewish values on a personal and professional basis, and meet the next leaders of the Los Angeles Jewish community.

-Ariel Adler, UCLA Anderson

The JGSI Fellowship is an amazing experience! I couldn’t believe how fast these 8 weeks had gone by. The sessions with Rabbi Matt were interesting, inspiring, and very engaging. I loved coming home, sharing my experience with my husband, and just keep the conversation going. The speakers were incredibly talented and inspiring. I’ve learned something about business, Judaism, and/or myself in each session. Getting involved and giving back is an amazing experience and I would recommend with all my heart.

-Michelle Offir Geveye, USC Marshall

The Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship program is a valuable and unique opportunity that I feel honored to have participated in. It is very rare to find a program that truly understands and develops the goals of Jewish graduate students. I was hesitant at first regarding the weekly commitment because as a law student, I am constantly searching for more time, but I quickly discovered the program became the best part of my week. Every meeting left me inspired not only in regard to my professional endeavors, but most importantly, with my spiritual and personal goals. Each speaker spoke passionately about the importance of giving back to the community and how their Jewish values shaped their career and contributed to their success. Lastly, participating in this program has not only allowed my network of contacts to substantially grow, but also provided me with an amazing group of friends who continue to inspire me everyday.

-Lauren Gerenraich, Loyola Law

I found the JGSI Ethics and Leadership Fellowship to be a very unique and valuable experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss ethical and leadership topics with a group of other motivated professional students. Rabbi Sorani delivers a diverse range of interesting speakers who have achieved career success and are interested in sharing their lessons with those of us who will be future leaders. I very much looked forward to each of the weekly sessions and I regret that the program is now over. I made some new friends who I have a good amount in common with through the program, and I look forward to staying in touch with them and to remaining involved with JGSI.

-Jon Cowan, UCLA Anderson

JGSI’s Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with a series of highly-accomplished, inspiring Jewish professionals in a variety of fields, as well as a group of friendly, thoughtful students. I thought it was great having a mix of MBA, JD, and other graduate students in the program because it allowed us to meet and hear the perspectives of people we may not otherwise ever run across in our chosen field. The fellowship is an amazing way to develop a Jewish community in a low pressure, fun environment. I’m incredibly grateful to Rabbi Sorani, all of the speakers, and other sponsors who make this program possible. It inspires me to become more involved and give back more to the Jewish community and associate organizations.

-Lena Cohen, UCLA Law

I often hear students complain that they don’t know how to get involved in the Jewish community in LA. The JGSI Fellowship is a great place to start. For the most part, the fellows in the program have similar backgrounds to one another. At the beginning of the program, most of us did not know each other. At the end, I think we all felt very comfortable and supportive of each other. The Fellowship is a great way to create connections. Rabbi Sorani is well educated and well connected. He brought in speakers that truly seemed to want make connections with all of the fellows. The Fellowship also gives grad students multiple opportunities to volunteer and get further involved in the Jewish Community. I am extremely thankful for everything the JGSI has done for me and I look forward to helping the program expand.

-Conner Clemons, Whittier Law

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in the 2015 Spring JGSI Fellowship. Rabbi Sorani has done an excellent job with this program, helping young Jewish graduate students and professionals become more connected to our faith, and guiding us towards understanding how our ties to Judaism could be instrumental to us throughout our lives and careers. Rabbi Sorani brought in a highly impressive lineup of influential speakers who have experienced immense success in their careers and serve as inspirations for the younger generations of Jewish professionals in Los Angeles aspiring to similar levels of success and connection with the Jewish community on both a local and global level. I will miss the weekly sessions, but look forward to staying connected long-term with Rabbi Sorani, JGSI, and the friends I made through this fellowship.

-Mark Schwartzman, USC Marshall

I am incredibly grateful to have met Rabbi Sorani and to have participated in the Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship. I looked forward to attending the Sunday night meetings and looking at my religion through a new lens. I not only had the chance to engage in interesting dialogue with the Rabbi and with fellow law students, but I had the pleasure of listening to attorneys speak about how they incorporate their Jewish identity into their careers. I will miss attending the meetings and would recommend this program to any Jewish law student in the future.

-Dana Zokaeim, UCLA Law

I really enjoyed the JGSI Fellowship because it opened my eyes to new and interesting views within the world of Judaism based upon leadership and ethics. I felt honored to meet so many professionals from the field who shared their experiences with us. It was a great networking opportunity and helped me mature as a law student. I am still in contact with some of the lawyers we met as well as other students who also participated in the weekly meetings. It has been a great growing experience for me and I am extremely thankful to have been able to be a part of it.

-Robyn Lange, Southwestern Law

I truly feel like the JGSI fellowship was a unique opportunity to put legal field in line with the Jewish ethics that many of us hold so dearly. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone who wants to take with the amazing ideals of Judaism into their professional career and to propel that career with invaluable experience. Engaging in discussions bounce back and forth, conversing with a collection of top Jewish law students and with prominent members of the Los Angeles Jewish legal community who provided amazing discussions and instilled in us valuable principles. From practicing attorneys to entrepreneurs to professors, we were given a great insight into the many avenues available to us once we complete our JD degree. Most of all, Rabbi Sorani was instrumental in maintaining such a top notch program which set high goals and knocked every one of them out of the park!

-Navid Eshaghian, Southwestern Law

This fellowship helped me connect to my Jewish faith on a deeper level. Prior to this fellowship, I did not have much involvement with anything related to Judaism for about two years, the time I was in law school. The leadership portion of the fellowship also opened my eyes to how Judaism can affect how people view others in the workplace.

-Gabrielle Gilerman, Southwestern Law

After taking the “Trial of Jesus” seminar in my last semester of law school where we learned the teachings of Judaism, I knew I wanted to continue my quest to learn more about Judaism. So when I heard about the JGSI fellowship I was thrilled to be a part of this highly informative and interactive program. As a Jewish person pursuing a legal career, what could be better than to participate in a program that not only teaches you about Judaism but also gives you an opportunity to network with the leading Jewish attorneys and other professionals in the community. I want to extend many thanks to Rabbi Sorani who is an immensely knowledgeable person and an incredibly charismatic personality. He challenged us with weakly topics that were designed to stimulate independent thoughts, instead of preaching his values to us.
I am very grateful to everyone who made this fellowship program possible.

-Irina Geller, Southwestern Law

I often feel that law school discusses heavy philosophical issues in a vacuum, without the context of the basis on which the rules and decisions that govern society were formed. The JGSI discussions came to represent for me a safe environment to discuss the larger implications of the law as it relates to the code of ethics of Judaism. Additionally, the guest speakers instilled confidence in me that it is possible to be a good person and practice law. I am very grateful to Rabbi Sorani et al. that I had this opportunity.

-Adam Lewental, Pepperdine Law

I found the experience to be incredibly intriguing and low maintenance. On top of a free dinner every Sunday night for over 2 months, I got to meet many professionals in the field, both senior attorneys as well as fellow law students from other schools. Furthermore, Rabbi Sorani is such an incredible and pedagogically skilled man to learn from. The easiest and most enjoyable $300 I ever made!

-Alexis Gardner, UCLA Law School

The JGSI fellowship was a unique opportunity that I feel very fortunate to have been a part of. It wasn’t until I was in the room, hearing ideas bounce back and forth, that I realized the value of a collection of engaged Jewish law students who not only hailed form different law schools, but who were also raised in other states and countries. It created an invaluable perspective and environment. Most impressively, the wonderful speakers who came and talked with us matched that perspective. From practicing litigators to business owners to professors, we got to see not only the numerous applications of the law degrees we are working toward, but also how Judaism permeates whatever lies ahead. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made through this program, for all I’ve learned, and, of course, for being invited into the community by Rabbi Sorani.

-Brad Rothseid, Loyola Law

Having just recently moved to LA, the Fellowship was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the Jewish community in LA and meeting new friends. Although, I don’t consider myself as religiously “traditional” I do appreciate the cultural and historical aspects of the Jewish faith. Therefore, it was very inspirational to meet leading attorneys and businessmen in the Jewish community, to hear their stories and how they combine these aspects of Judaism into their daily lives. These meetings together with the discussions held by Rabbi Sorani about Jewish ethics were extremely interesting and added content to my Sundays. I would recommend every law student with a Jewish background to participate in the JGSI Fellowship. Thank you. 

-Tal Burnovski, UCLA Law School

I cannot thank Rabbi Sorani enough for providing me with the opportunity to participate in the JGSI fellowship this past fall. It was great to connect with accomplished attorneys while at the same time maintaining a tie with Judaism and meeting other Jewish law students from various southern California law schools. As someone who went to Jewish day schools their whole life, I looked forward to our Sunday night meetings with excitement, since they served as the weekly dose of Judaism that I have been missing in my life. I encourage my peers to get involved in the JGSI so that they can similarly benefit from this wonderful opportunity!

-Tiffany Haimof, Southwestern Law

JGSI program provided an enriching experience.  I was fortunate to participate in various lectures that imparted ethical beliefs and principles.  It was wonderful to listen to Rabbis teach Torah and Halachic concepts that can be applied to our everyday activities.  It was beneficial and uplifting to hear how profound professionals are able to utilize their foundational Jewish beliefs in all aspects of their lives.  JGSI offers an inspiring program with numerous professional speakers who kindly share how they integrate their Jewish heritage and thrive in their respective professional realms and personal lives.

-Jen Gordon, Pepperdine Law

Upon returning from Israel in the summer of 2013 I jumped at the opportunity to join the JGSI. My desire to learn about and immerse myself in Judaism was at its peak. The JGSI was the perfect program to sate my appetite for the study of Judaism and connecting with other Jews. Graduate students are often overwhelmed with so much work that they forget the importance of their heritage and just how rich it really is. The JGSI is just the tip of the iceberg yet provides an experience that lets you know you are sitting on a gold mine of beautiful tradition and centuries of wisdom. It’s that very wisdom that can help you through graduate school and make you feel at home wherever you are. Simply the feeling of getting together with your fellow Jewish brothers and sisters on a Sunday was enough to refresh the soul and get you prepared for the week. Our opportunity to network with Jewish lawyers also provided the perfect atmosphere for making real connections with people – unlike the contrived professional mixers that many are used to. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Rabbi Sorani and his JGSI!

-Adam Satnick, Southwestern Law

I was active in the young Jewish community as an undergraduate, but the stresses of law school and moving to a new city left me largely uninvolved with Judaism in Los Angeles.  When I got the chance to participate in the JGSI Fellowship, I jumped at the opportunity.  The Fellowship provided weekly Jewish programming that made me look forward to every Sunday night.  Thanks to the Fellowship, I have grown spiritually, made new Jewish friends across Los Angeles, and met and learned from a great deal of Jewish professionals.  I cannot recommend the JGSI Fellowship enough.

-Elliot Rosenberger, UCLA Law

Attending the group discussions led by Rabbi Sorani provided refreshing and much-needed weekly breaks through out my semester. I especially enjoyed meeting the other students in the program and hearing their perspectives on the various Jewish ethical topics we discussed. I was amazed that even though most of us had never met each other before the program began, we held similar viewpoints on many issues.  I am also very grateful that each of the guest speakers took the time to join us and offer inspiring stories of their career paths. I truly appreciate the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative for having given me the opportunity to share my Sunday evenings with the students and professionals who made this program so fulfilling for me.

-Calvin Berman, USC Law

As a Jewish law student new to Los Angeles I have been searching for a way to meet other Jewish students and engage in Jewish learning activities on a more regular basis. The Jewish Graduate Student Initiative not only provided me the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Jewish law students, but it also provided me the opportunity to engage in Jewish learning and discussion with those students. In addition to the social and religious aspects of the program, we met and spoke with a different Jewish lawyer each week. These individuals discussed their experiences practicing different areas of law, exposing us to the realities of the various fields available to us as future lawyers. They also addressed their experiences as Jewish lawyers, touching upon ethical and religious conflicts throughout their careers. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met so many wonderful people – students and lawyers – and for the chance to further my professional and religious goals through the same outlet.

-Jordan Behar, Loyola Law

The Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was a great way to bring together Jewish values and the law. It was really interesting to have the chance to consider broad ideas and ethical questions, since law school can be very narrowly focused. I really enjoyed the chance to meet with Jewish attorneys and see how they managed to incorporate Jewish values into their professional lives. It was an amazing opportunity to mix my heritage with my career, and I felt like I learned a lot.

-Paul Benjamin, UCLA Law

Rabbi Sorani has brought forth a niche that young professionals have been left wanting for some time. With the fellowship program, students can make themselves whole with knowledge both from spiritual and business perspectives. We find ourselves at an age where we are to make decisions of increasing importance that will affect ourselves and the people around us. Rabbi Sorani’s fellowship offers education in levels meant to enlighten young adults on their abilities and responsibilities that will increase their ability to make sound decisions. I highly recommend the program for all young professionals that would like an incredible networking opportunity with top of the line professionals and spiritual growth from wise rabbis amidst a group of their peers.

-Arash Shadi, Southwestern Law

The Jewish Graduate Student Initiative program has not only been a helpful resource as a law school student but also has truly transformed me as a person in reminding me of the principles and beliefs that make being Jewish so special. To be candid, the program is almost too good to be true. For starters, merely being given the opportunity to meet with respected and reputable attorney’s from the Los Angeles and having them answer any questions we may have in a small, intimate setting was invaluable. Personally, not having grown up in Los Angeles, the program has helped me meet contacts and grow a network here in Los Angeles. Secondly, the community aspect of the program was an unanticipated benefit. Meeting on a weekly basis with the same students from different schools in similar situations was comforting in that it provided a nice, support group. Lastly, and most importantly, my feelings towards being Jewish have been greatly altered. Meeting with Rabbi Sorani and the other Rabbi’s for the first hour was truly amazing. Hearing them talk about Jewish principles and how they can benefit us as people and our everyday lives was really thought provoking and made me feel very proud to be apart of a community with such virtuous values. I truly could go on and on, but would think it’s best to keep this short. Anyone considering joining the program is free to contact me with any questions.

-Taylor Smith, Southwestern Law

The Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was truly a unique experience. Participants had the ability to learn more about their Jewish heritage with other law school students from the Los Angeles community. Weekly sessions included very personal and inspiring discussions with Rabbis and prominent lawyers who practiced in a vast array of fields. The lawyers not only discussed their legal history but they also discussed how their Jewish heritage has impacted their careers. As a Jewish woman pursuing a career as a lawyer, these intimate conversations with lawyers and my fellow peers were touching. I have felt even more motivated to pursue my dreams as a lawyer and to strength my Jewish faith.

-Schyler Silverman, Southwestern Law

I was very excited to be able to participate in the JGSI Fellowship this past Fall semester. I had heard such great things about it that I couldn’t wait to begin. As soon as I got to the first class, I knew it was going to be an enjoyable experience. The ethics portion in the first half of the class really made me think about life and about the more important things in life. Networking with a new lawyer every week in the second half of class was very interesting. It was great to get so many perspectives on how to get started in my career as a lawyer once I graduate law school. This is really one of the only ways to stay involved in the Jewish community while in law school and I would do it again if I could and recommend it to everyone. Thanks for the opportunity!

-Bahareh Aghajani, Southwestern Law

The Fellowship was a positive and motivating experience. Every week it was great to hear Jewish professionals speak and teach about Judaism and about their legal and business careers. At first I was hesitant to commit to Sunday evenings but that quickly turned into something I began to look forward to! Each new speaker would share their story about how they advanced throughout their career, and this consistently left me wanting to hear more! The learning portion was also inspirational and I was always happy to have a take-away message. And the food- top notch every week! Thank you for a great program! Wish there was a sequel.

-Tanya Kivman, Thomas Jefferson Law

Participating in the JGSI fellowship program was extremely rewarding. The discussions not only helped me think about how my Jewish identity will help shape my career, but also helped introduce me to some of the most prominent attorneys the Los Angeles area has to offer. The fellowship will be worthwhile to any Jewish law student, regardless of his or her level of observance.

-Scott Salomon, Loyola Law

The Fall 2012 Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was truly a great experience.  Meeting with great Rabbis and accomplished attorneys allowed me to grow spiritually, and get a better sense of the direction I’d like to take my career. I loved learning values from the Rabbis that can be applied not only to a spiritual or even professional context, but to everyday life.  I also established relationships with mentors that I’m sure will continue beyond the program.  I’m very thankful that I was able to participate in this program and hope that students will continue to take advantage of this great opportunity.  Thank you very much to Rabbi Sorani and his staff for organizing the program.

-Daniel Hekier, UCLA Law

The Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was a great way for me to learn more about my Jewish heritage. I was exposed to two parts of my life, my prospective career and my religion, and was able to see how many before me journeyed on a path to blending the two together. Judaism’s values and ideals are with us everyday, most of the time without us realizing it, and it was uplifting to see how those morals are incorporated into the legal career. The sessions on Ethics provided me with a greater understanding of Jewish law and purpose that is relevant to overcoming the challenges we are inevitably faced. The Leadership guest speakers were incredibly inspiring. We were given the chance to gain some personal perspective of a large range of law practices. This experience and opportunity exposed me to different ways I can take advantage of my Jewish identity and give back to the community.

-Jennifer Reiz, Loyola Law

JGSI is an amazing program. I have always been Conservative, but the last Jewish lessons I remember learning were in Hebrew school. In the past few years, I felt like I wanted to reconnect with Judaism in a way that applied to my life as an adult. When I saw the opportunity to apply to JGSI, I took it immediately and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The Rabbis that spoke to us each week always brought something new and thought-provoking to the table, leaving us thinking how we can improve our lives as Jews and as people.  The learning lessons we gained from hearing stories from the Torah (the adult version) made me truly understand why being Jewish is so special and I highly recommend everyone to speak to a Rabbi and ask him to teach you what some stories from the Torah really mean.The attorneys that spoke to us gave us invaluable wisdom, and the networking opportunity is extremely beneficial. I am not religious, but JGSI has opened my eyes up to what Judaism is really about in terms of it applying to my everyday life without feeling like I have to be religious in order to really appreciate being Jewish. The way they have incorporated Judaism with leadership is perfection, and it is a cause I strongly support.  

-Marisa Kagan, Whittier Law

Participating in the fellowship allowed me to stay connected to my Jewish faith during law school. Ultimately, the invaluable Jewish life lessons that I learned gave me a different perspective on life. I learned the importance of always staying grounded to my Jewish values and identity not just throughout law school, but also in my professional career. Also, the fellowship was a great networking opportunity, in which I able to learn from attorneys in different fields of law. One of the highlights of the program was being able to sit in the same room with successful attorneys and learn about their journey to success. I always looked forward to our weekly meetings, and I am grateful for being able to participate in the fellowship. Thank you.

-Rebecca Bolour, Southwestern Law

The rigors of law school often take my mind away from my roots. The Jewish Leadership and Legal Ethics Fellowship program helped remind me that it’s not just facts of a case and black letter law that matters – we must strive to understand what helped shape us as both a student and human being: Our testimonial personal background and spiritual instincts.

The ethics lectures allowed me think of the American Legal system in a new and comparative way. The leadership/speaker portion of the program was also extremely rewarding, as well as appropriately complimentary to my legal education. Particularly, it was interesting to hear how Judaism plays a role in each one of the attorney’s careers. The invited speakers encouraged me to continue striving in my occupational goals, but just as importantly, become more active in the Jewish Community, making Tikkun Olam a significant part of my transformation from a young Jewish law student to a full-fledged Jewish attorney.

-Johanna Stein, Loyola Law

The Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship served a number of important functions. It is giving me a good perspective as to how the professional’s are conscious of the community’s needs and concerns and their contributions in trying to address them. The ethical part of the program was thought provoking and connected us with our roots. I would like to express my gratitude for being allowed to partake in this program.

-Iorai Cohen, Southwestern Law

I am so grateful to have been chosen to participate in the Fellowship. I will admit that when I first learned that the Fellowship would be taking up my Sunday nights for two months, I was a little hesitant. However, I went with it and am so happy I did. The thought and dedication that went into this Fellowship was outstanding. The caliber of attorneys (and food) that were brought in to speak to us week after week was simply In addition, the Fellowship reaffirmed my appreciation of my heritage. To see so many successful Jewish attorneys and to be able to meet Jewish law students my age, who are all working towards the same goals and aspirations, made me love being Jewish even more. I am so thoroughly surprised and grateful for what I learned from the Fellowship. Thank you again for the opportunity.

-Michal Goldfarb, Southwestern Law

Both the ethical and leadership components of the program have inspired me to learn more about my Jewish faith and reconnect with the Jewish community. Showing how the field of law, of which I am a part, can intersect with a life immersed in the Jewish community resonated very well with me. Because I feel that the attorneys who spoke were people with whom I had something in common, I believe that I can heed their call to involve myself in the Jewish community. Overall, I found this program to be extraordinarily enlightening and inspiring.

-David Spiker, Loyola Law

What did I gain from the JGSI Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship? I don’t want to sound trite or boilerplate. But I can honestly lay claim to a new appreciation for Judaism, not just as a religion, but as a community. I’m incredibly thankful for the experience.

-Dan Lifcshitz, Loyola Law,

For the first time in my life, I actually experienced and witnessed firsthand what being Jewish is all about morality, unity, and conviction. By way of this newfound recognition, I have a much greater and deeper appreciation for my Jewish heritage. Throughout this Fellowship, I have had the opportunity to meet prominent and successful leaders within our community. This experience has been more rewarding than I ever imagined it would be. I am so grateful to Rabbi Sorani, Rabbi Adlerstein, every single speaker that contributed their time, as well as the founders who financially made this program such a success. I have thus far had a phenomenal time and truly hope to see this program carry on in flying colors, so that others may reap the benefits and knowledge I have gained from my participation. Thank you.

-Shannon Eli, Loyola Law

I enjoyed meeting a diverse group of attorneys and hearing about their practices and how they got to where they are now, but I also enjoyed seeing how the attorneys integrated their careers with leadership in the Jewish community. I really admired their contributions and it helped me see how I can continue to be involved with the Jewish community when I become an attorney myself. I greatly appreciated this experience and opportunity.

-Roxana Pourshalimi, Loyola Law

The Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was an eye-opening and invigorating seminar which exposed students to the potential of utilizing our strong Jewish identities to propel ourselves into having more meaningful careers. It was an excellent way to network with inspirational attorneys and bond with like-minded law students. I highly recommend that, any law student with the intention of having a well-rounded and balanced life as an attorney, get involved in this seminar. Thank you to the donors and community members who supported this endeavor.

-Eyal Aharanov, Pepperdine Law

My experience with the Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was very unique. I was finally gaining knowledge about two things I hold very dear- my heritage and my career. Both aspects of the fellowship were amazing to be a part of- the environment was so open and relaxing. The networking opportunities were endless as each week we’d meet a new attorney with new experiences to share with us. The fellowship group was full of strong testimonial personalities that all respected and appreciated one another. I am so happy and thankful I got to be a part of such a special program.

-Limor Mojdehiazad Loyola Law

The Jewish Ethics and Leadership Fellowship was a great way to bridge together our Jewish Heritage with our current experience as law students currently navigating our way through a new and exciting time in our lives.

The Ethics sessions were truly eye opening. Sometimes the law can seem so black and white, and it was refreshing to have someone present the law to me in a way that more closely comports with my values. Overall, I gained from this part of the experience as both a Law Student and as someone who is interested in learning more about Judaism and strengthening my faith.

The Leadership guest speakers were also particularly rewarding because they covered the range of law practice, and it was particularly inspiring to see how these attorneys gave back to the Jewish community.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of this program.

-Hayley Hughes, Loyola Law