How does this trip differ from Birthright?

– This is a business-oriented mission with just MBA students on it.

– We try to do activities that you haven’t done on Birthright so as not to be repetitive.

– While we do excursions just like Birthright, we also visit corporations in order to cultivate business relationships with executives in Israel.

– Our mission participants are more mature. There isn’t a trip curfew, and you are expected to show up on time for all activities on your own.

– These are student run missions. The student are given surveys before the mission, and they choose the mission’s itinerary entirely. (By doing so we have a lot less Kvetchers on the trip!)

How is the mission only $999 (with full scholarship)?

The mission is heavily subsidized by generous private donations from the Los Angeles Jewish community who are trying to encourage young Jewish executives to cultivate relationships in the business community in Israel, while at the same time building the Jewish community’s next generation of leaders in the United States.

Why are we going to Rome this year?

Besides being one of the birthplaces of Western Civilization and one of the top tourist destinations of all time, Rome also has one of the oldest Jewish communities in the world and contains an incredible amount of ancient Jewish history to experience.  And, they say the food is pretty good.

Will there be an opportunity to network with executives?

Of course! We have two full days of meetings with Israeli executives scheduled, as well as a networking event with the Tel Aviv University MBA program.

Why a mission just for MBAs?

Because MBA students deserve a mission that is tailored to their interests.

Are camels dangerous?

No. I think.

Is eating falafel mandatory?

No. But it’s highly recommended.